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CHEF YOSHI believes that food makes people's mind peaceful. CHEF YOSHI increases smiling faces and environments that people snuggle up to other's hearts through food.

Yoshikazu Saito started working in the food industry after studying Oceanography in America. He worked for Japanese-American restaurants in Honolulu while he also was involved with Japanese wedding and private Consulate parties. He was scouted by a Japanese dining company and moved back to Japan. The first restaurant he worked was Il Mulino New York at Roppongi Hills. Il Mulino has been stated No.1 Italian restaurant in Zagat Survey for many years. His next project was opening Srabeth's which is famous as "Queen of Breakfast" in NewYork. He learned about cooking methods from Sarabeth Levine in New York and successfully made

 Sarabeth's popular in Japan as the Head Chef. He introduced Sarabeth's eggs benedict, French toast, and pancakes, which was the turning point of the Japanese breakfast scene. He started his own business "CHEF YOSHI" with passion of "Making a lot of smiles through Food". 


Chef Yoshikazu Saito



Cooking with warm heart


Cooking and eating delicious dishes


Enjoying meals


Thinking a great deal of other's mind


Making people smile


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#1 Private Cooking Lesson

You can learn whatever you want by consulting with Chef Yoshikazu Saito before your lesson. Through making a reservation, CHEF YOSHI will do his best to meet your demands. Feel free to create your own personal cooking lesson if you choose. He visits your place and kindly teaches professional skills in Japanese, American, and Italian cuisine. You won't need to prepare anything. CHEF YOSHI provides all the tools we need for your lesson.

Available Area:

In Tokyo: Meguroku, Suginamiku, Shinagawaku, Otaku, Shibuyaku, Minatoku

In Kanagawa: Yokohama, Kawasaki, Fujisawa, Kamakura, Chigasaki, Zushi, Hayama, Yokosuka  

#2 Grandchildren Celebration Plan

Grandpa, do you want to see grandchild's smiles? Chef Yoshikazu Saito is here to help! CHEF YOSHI will work together on creating menu items and making wonderful atmosphere. You will make delicious dishes with perfect support by Chef. We decorate your house with balloons, flowers, and pictures. Everything needed for the event is supplied by CHEF YOSHI. 

#3 Creating Anniversary Plan

Do you want to make a special day and your person be happier? CHEF YOSHI creates a plan with you. You can make a special marriage anniversary and birthday. Gentlemen, would you like to make wonderful and cordial dishes for your lady? Chef Yoshikazu Saito and yourself can create a memorable gift for her. CHEF YOSHI will create the perfect ambience for your special occasion. 

#4 Consulting 

Chef Yoshikazu Saito consults food business offers. He is excellent in creating outstanding culinary dishes, restaurant concept, and building operation with his carrier background. One of the best famous restaurants in New York, Sarabeth's, was successfully set up and opened in Japan with his great performance. If you want specific suggestions about your business from him, please contact to CHEF YOSHI.  


#1 Private Cooking Lesson  ¥16,000 (in Tax

Including consulting, ingredients, and transportation fee

You can invite your friends (max is 3 people).

Plus ¥3,500 (in tax) /person

Optional Service

Recipe Arrangement by dietitian ¥5,000 (in Tax)

Flower Arrangement ¥5,000~ (in Tax)


#2 Grandchildren Celebration Plan ¥100,000 (in Tax)

Including consulting, recipe, decoration, flowers, ingredients(5 people), cooking support, and transportation(All areas in Tokyo, Kanagawa) fee

Feel free to tell your plan.

Please make a reservation 2 weeks before the event!

#3 Creating Anniversary Plan  ¥54,000 (in Tax)

Including consulting, ingredients(2 people), flower arrangement, table setting, and transportation (All areas in Tokyo, Kanagawa) fee

Feel free to tell your plan and budget

Please make a reservation 2 weeks before the event!

#4 Consulting

Consultant fee is by the project. 


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